Utah Rain Desert

Roadtrip: November 2012

Clint, Robin, and I visited the Utah/Arizona border to visit the "rain desert" (it seems to rain with alarming regularity for a desert). Our base camp was the White House campground, between Page AZ and Kanab UT.

10 Nov - 17 Nov 2012

Arches National Park, UT

Spent the night in Moab on the way to the campsite, and entered Arches National Park.

Visited the morning after a light dusting of snow.

The snow formed interesting shapes on some of the rocks.

Enjoyed the contrast of the rocks to the snow.

The photographers.

Campsite at White House Trailhead, UT

Three miles from the Paria BLM outpost, next to the Paria River.

Lower Antelope Slot Canyon, Navajo Land

Lower Antelope Slot Canyon, near Page Arizona.

Entry. Fewer visitors than the upper canyon.

Could spend many hours setting up the perfect photograph (not that I did).

Upper Antelope Slot Canyon, Navajo Land

One entrance to the Upper Antelope Slot Canyon.

Rock formations.

The Weeping Eye.


The day ended at the Toadstool formations near our campsite.

Wire Pass, UT

Wire Pass Slot Canyon

Canyon features

Heiroglyphs on the walls

On the same day, we drove to the Paria town site (and former movie set).

Waterholes, AZ

Waterholes Slot Canyon

Sandstone fins

South Coyote Buttes, UT

South Coyote Buttes

Two hours of 4WD required

This desolate land contains a disorderly collection of fantastically twisted and striated sandstone. Multitudes of the beehive shaped hills or buttes appear to be enveloped in a sea of colorful petrified waves while other bizarre formations have been contorted into caverns, arches, domes and fragile fins - all slowly crumbling as they continuously succumb to the forces of nature.

North Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ

Toroweap Point, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Two hours on a 4WD Road

Tuweep Campground at Toroweap Point