Paris Visit Summer 2006

Paris Day 7: May 20

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Paris Map

The order of the day: planning my exit. Mostly I woke up, packed, wandered down to the continental breakfast for the last time. Then I bought 8 Euro metro/RER tickets to go to the Airport and proceeded. As opposed to the rest of the transportation system, the subway to the airport is not well marked and is fairly confusing. I managed it, though, as attested to by my apparent (if inconsistent) internet access.

This is what one of the larger Metro stations looks like. Usually they are smaller and more cozy, but this ain't bad neither!

Inside of a rather ratty looking subway train, on my way to the airport. The quality of the trains vary widely. I noticed that around the Champs-Elysées they were trés manufique, and got worse further away.

So my journey ended at he airport, where I feasted on cous-cous and chocolates. Tastes better than it sounds. My 8 hour flight to Philidelphia started off an hour late due to wind and rain, which caused untold agony later in the day. But for 8 hours, I didn't have to worry about it. I sat next to someone about my age. He was on his way to his home in Mexico, and spoke about as much English as I speak Spanish (very little). We conversed in French a little, but mostly I read (finished The Big U by Neal Stephenson and started Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman) and cross stitched my wizard and dragon.

The Philidelphia US Airways people were remarkably unhelpful. Eventually, they rerouted me through Chicago (instead of direct) on a United flight, at which point I was sure that my luggage would get lost going between the two airlines. But I trekked on. Switching over to United meant I had to go over to their ticket booth. Peculiarly, this meant I had to exit the airport, walk down the sidewalk for a half mile, and reenter the airport. After getting Super-Screened™ by security, I boarded my plane to Chicago a half hour late.

Chicago was pretty boring, but my plane was half an hour late (which makes 3 for 3 for anyone else keeping count). Eventually I got to DIA where I verified that they had indeed lost my luggage, and Candace very nicely picked me up from the airport. So ends my trip.

And my luggage? I received it 24 hours later.

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