London Living

My First Visit to London

Robin and I were living in Central London (near Paddington Station and Edgeware Rd) from 01 September 2006 until 17 February 2007. Robin was there to work, I was ther to play (oh, and also take 3 Master's level Electrical Engineering classes online from CU).

I periodically created picture pages which updated everyone back home on our various goings on. These ended up making a nice online photo album of our life in London.

    Our Flat in Central London

    River Walk along the Thames

    Boat Ride to Greenwich

    Big Bus Tour of London

    Stonehenge and the City of Bath

    Windsor Castle

    City of Cambridge

    Bell Foundry

    Regent Park

    Covent Gardens

    British Museum

    Lille, France

    Weekend in Bath

    London Blitz

    Weekend in Ireland

This is a map of the London Underground

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