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London: A Walk along the Thames River

The first real excursion we had in London was a walk along the Thames River on the weekend.

We took the Underground to Westminster Station, right next to parliment and Big Ben. We then crossed Westminster Bridge to walk along the southern water front up to Tower Bridge.

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This is Westminster Abbey, which we toured for about 10 pounds. It is the final resting place for many famous Britons. We spotted Newton, Darwin, James Watt, Chaucer, Handel, Dickons, Tenyson, JJ Thompson, Ernest Ruthford, and many others. Camera are not allowed inside.

Westminster Abbey is a big building, and right next to Parliment. The next weekend, on Sunday, we went past here on a bus and saw an honor gaurd waiting for somebody to emerge--don't know who it was, though.

Detail over the main arch into Westminster Abbey.

This is one of the many living statues along the river front.

An amazing chalk drawing along the river front. Yes, chalk!

Here I am playing the air violin.

Thames river and barge.

Uh-oh! Will Greg escape The Clink Prison Museum? Find out next week.

This is Southwark Cathedral. Along the way we also passed the (rebuilt) Globe Theatre (of Shakespearean fame) and a replica of Sir Francis Drake's ship.

The HMS Belfast is permanently moored in the Thames, and serves as a naval museum. I am looking forward to visiting it in the near future.

This is not London Bridge, which is now in Arizona. The name of this bridge is Tower Bridge, because it is next to the Tower of London. Pedestrians can walk next to the automobiles, or take the lift up to the top and walk across.

London bridge is a drawbridge. Although it used to be raised several times a day, it now only goes a few times a week. We were very lucky to be right here!

It is my first drawbridge so I took another picture.

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