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London: Regent Park

It was a beautiful day out, so I decided to visit Regent's Park, which is only 2 tube stops from Paddington.

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This is the subway tube at Baker Street.

Sherlock Holmes "lived" here, at 221B Baker Street. It is now a museum and gift shop.

The outer ring of Regent Park looking back at the street.

Roses in Queen Mary's Garden.

A waterfall in Queen Mary's Park.

A Japanese garden island in Queen Mary's Park.

The Jubilee gates.

A fountain.

This is a part of Regent Park proper. That tower is the BT (British Telecom) tower.

London Zoo is adjacent to Regent Park. Although I did not go in, I did walk by and see these animal.

An old, neat looking bridge.

This is Regent Canal, a canal that runs along the boundary of Regent Park.

Very nice houses alond Regent Canal.

London Central Mosque, next to Regent Park. Very dramatic photo.

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