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London: Ireland Journey

Friday, 08 December, Robin, Clint, and I flew to Cork, Ireland for a weekend retreat. We rented a car and Robin drove us around Ireland (on the left side of the road).

We stayed in Blarney, a small town a few miles outside of Cork. This small village grew up around Blarney Castle, which is where the Blarney stone is located (Robin kissed the Blarney stone for good luck!). On Saturday we drove to the Mitchelstown Caves, where we walked around a large system of caves. We then went further North-East to Cashel Rock, a neat castle on a Bluff next to the town of Cashel.

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The town of Blarney, where we stayed in a fairly nice hotel.

One of the main roads through Blarney. We are walking towards Blarney Castle.

Robin and Clint in front of our Hotel.

Intrepid explorers.

Wildlife at the very green grounds of Blarney Castle.

Blarney Castle in the morning.

The castle is not habitable anymore, but a very neat experience none the less.

You can go all the way to the top!

Room with a view.

The main living areas, well, if the flooring and roof were still intact.

Looking down on a mansion near the castle.

All three of us at the top of the castle.

Looking down.

The village of Blarney and the castle grounds.

Many spiral staircases.

Yet another picture. br>

At the top of the castle, between those two metal beams, is the Blarney Stone. You lean all the way backwards, so that you are facing the hundred foot drop below you, and kiss the stone for good luck. Robin did it!

Tromping through the castle grounds. A nice walk.

That's me!

The hotel room.

Who's that?

Here we are outside Mitchelstown Cave.

Photography is not allowed in the cave, but the nearby landscape is nice.

Not so wild wildlife. These cows were loud.

That's Robin behind the wheel.

This is the town of Cashel.

The Rock of Cashel.

The castle was given to the Catholic Church a long time ago, and a cemetary was built inside the walls. There are recent graves as well.

Hand carved stone detail on the building.

Inside the abandoned structure.

Midafternoon at Cashel (the sun goes down very early).

Lots of sheep!

A great picture looking out from Cashel.

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