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We live in the western part of central London, next to Paddington station. This map shows our approximate whereabouts (upper left). As you can see, we live quite close to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. The two large comercial roads near us are Edgeware and Praed, both of which are fully stocked with small grocery stores, middle eastern restaurants, etc. The blue near our house are canals.

This is the building we live in. We are on the ground floor, and the patio that is facing the camera at the bottom of the photo is ours!

We live in right most building (of three). Across the street is a school.

This photo is taken from next to Robin's office building. Yes, those orange buildings are part of the buildings that make up our flat.

As you can again see, Robin's commute is about 2 minutes on a slow day. That boats is on one of the canals near our flat.

Looking down the canal, towards other neat looking buildings. The closest grocery store (Tesco) is down there near the end.

This part of London is called "Little Venice". That is one of the many house boats that float up and down the canal. Just behind that white house is Paddington Station.

The canals go up for quite a ways, and you can eat in cafes on the water.

This is the Praed Street entrance to Paddington Station (about 5 minutes from the flat).

The inside of Paddington Station. The station also has a little shopping area, with a Sainsbury, Mark & Spenser, and Yo! Sushi (a fun experience).

Just a random street not just off Praed Street not far from the flat.

You need to cross Bayswater Road to get to Hyde Park (about 15 minutes from the flat)

Fountains at Hyde Park.

I come here to do some of my homework.

London Living