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London: Covent Gardens

On 15 October, Robin and I went out to one of the famous London markets: Covent Gardens.

We took the tube to Trafalgar Square, and took some photos. After shopping at Covent Gardens, we ate lunch then went home to do homework.

London Living    

Exiting the tube.

Trafalgar Square, which is London's main venue for rallies and outdoor public meetings.

This is the most noticable feature of the square: Nelson's Column.

One of several statues that line the square.

The National Gallery, facing Trafalgar Square.

St. Martin-in-th-Fields usually has an open air market, but it is instead undergoing renovations.

This is the front of St. Paul's Church, built in 1633.

This is the back of St. Paul's Church, and faces Covent Gardens.

Covent Garden's Market.

Lots of stalls, and many buskers.

People sing and play instruments around this part of the market. We also saw a knife thrower!

Robin relaxing on the weekend!?

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