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East Anglia: Cambridge

We traveled to the college town of Cambridge on 01 October. It took us about an hour by train, leaving from King's Crossing station. The train is nice, but was kind of expensive.

At Cambridge, we took a bus sight-seeing tour most of the way. Then we walked around, looked at some shops, and finally walked back to the train station.

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This is the back of King's College Chapel, which took 70 years to build, beginning in 1446. This is the view from a bus, but the Cam river flows this way too. Those are cows in the foreground.

And this is the front of King's College Chapel. The interior is supposed to be spectacular, but we didn't go in.

This is the 19th century Gothic Gatehouse to the King's College quadrangle.

The three intrepid explorers.

This is part of Trinity College, founded by Henry VIII in 1547. The statue above the door is of Henry VIII.

Notice the date on Trinity College!

Believe it or not, it is raining in England! Why didn't we bring our umbrellas?

This is associated with St. John's College.

Two neat architectural flourishes.

Click on this picture and it will appear larger. This is the Round Church, which I really wanted to see. It was built in the 12th century, and is one of very few round naves in the world. Photography is not allowed inside (not that that stopped many people), otherwise I would have included some really neat pictures. The additions to the Round Church are ugly.

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