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London: British Museum

After a restful weekend, with my Power Electronics midterm completed, I headed out for adventure. First, I went to Portobello Road market, found an organic food store associated with Whole Foods in the States, and then went to Tottenham Court tube stop.

I wandered around the theatre district and Bloomsbury, and made my way to the British Museum. Even though my feet started to hurt, I went shopping along Oxford street. I bought some shoes and shirts. Unfortunately, despite the London forecasts, it started to rain. The next morning, I was sick.

London Living    

Just outside Notting Hill Gate tube station I found this! It appears to be an office building. I looked up 'Newcomb' in the telephone directory for fun, but there are only two listings for 'Newcombe'.

This is St. Martin's Theatre in the theatre district. It is playing Agatha Christie's Mousetrap, and is the longest continuously running play. Interestingly, I know who the killer is because I played the part in high school! I even remember my theatre teacher saying it always plays in London.

I noticed this neat old building last weekend went Robin and I walked past it. It wasn't under restoration then.

A neat building housing on Leicester Square, housing the Palace Theatre which is currently showing Spamalot with Tim Curry.

A human statue near Covent Gardens.

Seven Dials. There are 7 sun dials at the top of this monument, but I don't really know why they bother since you're lucky to get enough sun for one!

Pheonix Garden, a small garden in London.

Sicilian Avenue. The 1905 colonnades evoke Roman architecture.

Front of the huge British Museum.

More front of the British Museum.

Part of the inside of the British Museum.

The Rosetta Stone, which allowed archeologists to decypher Egyptian heiroglyphs.

Egyptian Exhibit. Click on an image for a better view.

Ancient Greek Exhibit. Click on an image for a better view.

Very decorative instrument.

Far East exhibit.

Reading room.

London Living