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London: Tourist Blitz

Yeah! Candace came out to visit Robin and I between November 14 - 23.

During Candace and I went on a tourist blitz throughout London! This set of pictures covers Madame T's Wax Museum, Buckingham Palace, and another trip to the British Museum.

London Living    

Patrick Stewart at the wax museum.

What a couple!

The Hulk, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and 007.

Debating with Einstein and listening to Ghandi.

Candace at Buckingham Palace, in front of the Queen Victoria Statue.

Buckingham gaurds in the background.

The front of Buckingham Palace.

Changing of the Horse Guard.

At the British Museum, I spent a lot of time in the fascinating Egypt exhibit.

This is one of the remaining pieces of the beard from the Great Sphinx at Giza. The other three known pieces are in Cairo.


Some costumes celebrating someone's life and death.


This is a Native American mask made of turquoise. I put my finger over the camera's flash, which made the turquoise glow.

London Living