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London: Big Bus Tour of London

On 17 September, Robin and I boarded a London bus tour. The company is Big Bus Tour, and their buses are seen throughout London. We got on at Paddington station, and did one complete loop, which took about 3 hours. Although we had the option, we didn't get off and on at any of the attractions. We did, however, get good seats on the top of the double decker bus (and it was not covered).

As you can imagine, it is difficult to take good pictures on a moving bus. Do you think that stopped us?

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We are in the bus on the right, but the bus on the left is also a Big Bus.

Guess who?

Just a neat-looking random building near Baker Street.

A statue of a dragon, the symbol of London.

The spire that commemorates the Great Fire of London.

I'm not sure what this building is, but it has the words "Electrical Engineering" on it. It is right next to the Thames river, near the Law schools, but I haven't found any more info on it.

This is the Marble Arch, one of the locations of many public executions. We actually live fairly close to it.

And they are right, London is a very populous city.

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