Summer Intern 2007

California: Livermore: Summer Intern 2007

So I'm working in Livermore, CA this summer.

I drove from CO to CA in 3 days in late May. I stopped at Salt Lake City, UT and Reno, NV.

My internship will end at the end of August, which gives me plenty of time to visit the San Francisco Bay area. It should be fun.

This is somewhere in Wyoming or Utah, and is a nice rest stop.

Look - you can see my car "Bandit".

This is the Boneville Salt Flats, where they do lots of high speed tests. It is on the border between Utah and Nevada.

The salt flats are about 100 miles across, which houses little more than 1 road with 1 turn.

This is the house where I live. The window on the second story is my room. I don't actually live in Livermore. I live 15 miles away in a community called Mountain House.

This is the down stairs entry way - very nice!

My bedroom.

My closet.

My bathroom.

A study area I've used once (while I'm writing this in fact).

The neighborhood.

This is on my commute to Livermore. I've found a back way, so my commute is no longer 1 hour on I-580, but instead 30 minutes down a back route called Altimont Pass (don't tell anyone).

There are lots of wineries near Livemore.

Some very scenic wineries.

Scenic but hot!

Old town Livermore.

Livermore has about 80,000 people in it.

This is the cinema in old town Livermore.

It gets windy here (hence the wind farm).


On the drive home, near sunset.

As close to my work as you can get with a camera.